Monday, March 23, 2009

About me

Hi guys, if you somehow found this page, I have moved on to the Wordpress platform so some things have changed since then - I will no longer be checking this page. 

All my latest updates can be found there:

See you there!

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  1. Hi there,

    Greetings from Hanford, Ca, U.S., formerly from Penang Malaysia.

    I came across your blog while googling for Malaysian recipes. It has been 3 long years since I migrated to California and I miss Penang food so much. Btw I was born and raised in Tanjung Tokong Penang, worked for about 1.5 year in KL, and many years in Penang.

    I look forward to trying out your recipes. I love cooking and have all the time in the world now to experiments all sorts of dishes.

    So much for introducing myself. Also, I wish to let you know I enjoy reading your blog.... good job!!!

    God bless,
    Sally Rogers

  2. Hi Sally,

    It's always good to hear from a fellow Penangite however far they are scattered around the globe. :) You must miss the Tanjung Tokong crabs too since you've migrated because I know I still crave for them every now and then.

    Thank you for your kind words and I look forward to hear more from you on my blog!


  3. How do I find you on foodbuzz?

  4. You know Ruth, that's a good question! I don't know where to start as well...until, i found a button called "search for foodies". Found you! :)

  5. Elaine, I don't know whether my food hunt blog able to make you mad. You may visit if you don't mind -

    Don't blame me if you miss Penang food :-) Glad to read your blog and sharing. I will try out and experiment based on your suggested ingredients and cooking methods :-)

    Have great days and take good care :-)
    Hong CN - Typical Penang local belachan

  6. Hong CN, your food blog will always drive me up the wall with reminders of delicious Penang food. And i won't have it any other way, either! ;)

  7. How about trying out your Nyonya dishes like.....
    1. Curry Kapitan
    2. Inche kabin chicken
    3. Ju Hu Char
    4. Kiam Chai Tng

  8. I love how your cat is called Aimee! That's a first for me.:)

  9. A problem.
    1. I am on vacation with my husband.
    2. I just found your blog.

    Being a Foodie among a few things means I want to hang out here today and read! But I must move on a do my workout so we can go see our friends who we can to N.H. to see! So I will come back and visit in a few days!

  10. Hi Elaine,

    I found out about your blog when i was looking for pan mee recipe. I'm from Subang Jaya, too maybe in the future i will share some local favourites with u...

  11. Hi Elaine,
    Tau Yew Bak... I tried this and it's delicious! I'm going to make it again tonight but, I'm using 2 slabs of pork this time. Glad I found your blog, I'll be trying out more of your recipes. I love to eat and I also like to try different foods. Montreal, what a nice place to live. I'm in sunny San Diego where it's always sunny except for last week when we had unusual, consecutive rainy days and a whole lot of water. Keep up your nice blog!

  12. Hi Elaine!... I'm a Penangnite too.. Now studying in Athens, GA, USA.. MISS Penang food terribly and definitely do not cook enough of it.. It's a GREAT blog that you have. I love Chap-Chai-Th'ng.. Love that I found it.. Best wishes.. :)

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